The Restaurant


Donald de Ridder and Kenn Van Roy, Belgians, arrived in the province of Barcelona about 20 years ago.

After a decade decorating local and houses in Barcelona and surrounding areas, they decide to settle in RomanyA� de la Selva.

In RomanyA� de la Selva, in a 17th-century farmhouse, they carry out their most charismatic work.


A restaurant with all its personality, style and dedication where they will be able to fuse an artistic vein and their love for cooking, CAN ROQUET.



The Restaurant

The old parish of RomanyA� de la Selva was one of the four founding parts of the current municipality of Santa Cristina d’Aro, when it was segregated in 1808 in Castell d’Aro.

The town is located in the Gavarres, a massif of rounded forms cataloged an Area of Natural Interest.


Imatges de l'Entorn Can Roquet Bosc
This massif contains one of the best samples of fern and the best pineapple area in Catalonia. It is an excellent reserve of Mediterranean floristic and fauna settlements, with some unique species.

Cova de Daina, a dolmen of large size made with granite slabs. Its date oscillates between 1700 a.C And 2200 BC.


The Team

The Restaurant

Donald directs a part of the team from the kitchen and Kenn is in charge of the room, taking care of all the details.



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